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Ultimate trekking is a 100% Peruvian Local based in Cusco city. We offer unique and sustainable trips in Peru and specifically the Cusco region. We carefully select and organize our trips, this includes hiring local staff, cleaning campaigns on the places we go, and constant training of our staff in waste management.

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Our porters from Inca Trail are the backbone of our business, they do the hardest part of all our trekking operations. Unfortunately, like elsewhere porters are not treated accordingly and work under questionable conditions. Ultimate Trekking was founded by a former porter and we know that if we take care of our staff, they will do the same with our guest.

Inca Trail tours are a bit expensive, this is because we have to pay permits for guest and porters, provide insurance to all our porters, proper equipment, and a good a salary from the hard work of carrying heavy bags across the mountains. We always recommend all guests not to book.

* Do not book tours lower than 550.USD, the less expensive the tour, the more chances you are booking with a that is paying properly to the staff.

* Do not book with Major Travel companies are they do not pay close attention to the need of the porters. When booking with a direct Loca Operators, your money is expended here in Peru rater than unnecessary bureaucratic operations form abroad.

* We know for a fact that Local operators are able to provide a better service and better work conditions.

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When choosing the right tour operator is hard since we have over a thousand registered tour companies in Cusco. Ultimate Trekking has made a strategic alliance with TreXperience and TreKero to help us with 2 biggest projects In Cusco ever done by any tour operator so far.

1.- Library In Cachiccata.- We provide computers with Internet, printer, books, and a place to study for local children in extreme poverty conditions. This way, we ensure that all children will have equal opportunities and access to modern technology. The Library with internet and printers has become vital during the lockdown because of Covid-19. Our next project is a Library in the Village of Canchacancha, this was postponed due to the quarantine since March. The Library will be open for the Local School of Canchacancha in the Lares region as soon it is safe to visit this remote Village.

2.- Greenhouse.-  Environmental concerns grow every time and it goes hand to hand with education, our greenhouse is located just 15 minutes from the town of Ollantaytambo, where we grow native plants to later be donated to the villagers.

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As a new and unique company, we offer personalized service to our passengers throughout our tours. Our tour guides are chosen for their experience, training, responsibility, and professionalism to show our beautiful country and share their experiences. They have guided hundreds of tours and speak fluent English and Quechua, the native Inca language, allowing them to communicate with guests and locals villagers.

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Safety and security of all our guest and staff is our number one priority, all our staff are highly trained for any possible events that might arise while trekking, from altitude problems, hiking related accidents, food allergies.

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Camping in the Andes is always an amazing experience even when times or weather are difficult. The secret is to have the proper equipment. We use comfortable tents, chairs, sleeping bags, and fresh food prepared by our trekking chefs.

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